Amazon UK: Wii Sold Out In 10 Minutes!

Gamers around Europe had to be very quick this morning when Amazon UK were selling their preorders of Nintendo’s upcoming console, which sold out within 10 minutes!

The online retailer Amazon UK began selling it’s Wii preorders this morning, November 21, and they were all gone within 10 minutes! At 9:25 a.m, preorders were not open. At 9:30am, they had just opened, and at 9:40am the site proclaimed “We are currently unable to offer this item.” and a short time later they had confirmed that “We’ve sold out of our initial allocation of Nintendo Wii consoles.” They even made a FAQ for the unlucky ones who couldn’t buy the Wii! They were offering the Wii with Wii Sports, the Wiimote and the Nunchuk for £179.99, which is about $340, the recommended retail price.

Amazon claimed that they would be getting more stock from Nintendo later on and would be taking pre-orders again later, before the official European launch date, December 8th. They also allowed gamers to sign up for email notification to alert them when pre-orders for the Wii would begin again! Only one console was allowed per customer.

On Sunday, the Wii filled the shops in the US, with people camping outside shops for the first copy. It quickly sold out. Nintendo has promised that there will be 4 million Wiis available worldwide before the end of the year. 2 million will be headed to North America.


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