The Mii Channel

Well, most of us are aware of what the Mii Channel is, but for those who are not aware, here is some info:

The Mii Channel is basically a bunch of avatars/characters that you can make on your Wii. These can be used for fun, and can also be used in games, for example, in Wii sports you will be able to play with the Mii character that you made of yourself. You can store many on the Wii itself, and you are also able to store 10 on your Wiimote. If you want to use your character on Wii sports on someone else’s Wii then you can take your Wiimote to your friends house and use your character on their Wii. So your wiimote can also be used as a storage device!

The great thing about Miis is that you can customize them so much! Below is a video guiding you through the Mii channel, showing you how to make one, and what you can do to it!

Do you like the look of it? Do you want to try it out yourself? Well you can! Click here to try out an online demo of the Mii Creator!


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