Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Commercial

November 26, 2006

Here is the European commercial for the new Zelda game on the Wii:


WiiConnect 24 Causing Problems?

November 26, 2006

Some Wii users are experiencing problems with their systems after connecting to WiiConnect24 and downloading the first system update. Every time a WiiConnect24 connection is attempted after this, it results in an error message, the most common one being, error code 110213 – “There is a problem with the WiiConnect24 service. Please try again later.” Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t play games and use regular Wii functions, but it means you can’t connect to the network, which means no downloading Virtual Console titles, sending messages, and so on.

However, it seems that in rarer cases, Wii systems will just stop working altogether, which is unfortunate considering Nintendo’s good hardware track record.

Nintendo is aware of these issues and asks that all affected users call customer support at 1-800-255-3700. If you don’t mind losing any save data you have on your system, you can get a new console from Nintendo in just 3-4 business days. During this time you can keep your old console; you’ll have to send it to Nintendo within 24 days. Note that you won’t be able to transfer Virtual Console games to the new system, as VC titles are tied to the system they were downloaded to.
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Virtual Console and WiiConnect24

November 25, 2006

Until now, here is the most updated list of games available for download on the virtual console:

* Donkey Kong (NES)
* Legend of Zelda (NES)
* Mario Bros. (NES) — Not “Super” Mario!
* Soccer (NES)
* Pinball (NES)
* Wario’s Woods (NES)
* Solomon’s Key (NES)
* F-Zero (SNES)
* Sim City (SNES)
* Altered Beast (GEN)
* Sonic (GEN)
* Super Mario 64 (64)

Below is also a video showing some of the WiiConnect24 services. First it shows the initial update process and the Virtual Console purchase and downloading service:

Sims: Nintendo Wii – First trailer and screenshots available!

November 25, 2006

As some may know, there is a new Sims game coming out on the Wii and we were able to get their latest screenshots and trailer. It looks like they have gone with a new, more animated look, similar to Miis and characters from Animal Crossing (perhaps you may be able to use your own Mii on it?)

Check out the screenshots and the video below:

Screenshot 1
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Amazon UK: Wii Sold Out In 10 Minutes!

November 21, 2006

Gamers around Europe had to be very quick this morning when Amazon UK were selling their preorders of Nintendo’s upcoming console, which sold out within 10 minutes!

The online retailer Amazon UK began selling it’s Wii preorders this morning, November 21, and they were all gone within 10 minutes! At 9:25 a.m, preorders were not open. At 9:30am, they had just opened, and at 9:40am the site proclaimed “We are currently unable to offer this item.” and a short time later they had confirmed that “We’ve sold out of our initial allocation of Nintendo Wii consoles.” They even made a FAQ for the unlucky ones who couldn’t buy the Wii! They were offering the Wii with Wii Sports, the Wiimote and the Nunchuk for £179.99, which is about $340, the recommended retail price.
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DS and PSP – Fight For Supremacy!

November 21, 2006

The Wii is launching smoothly in the US and is yet to come in Europe. With all of the Wii’s preorders and sales, Nintendo are in a pretty good situation, but to add onto that, the DS sales has hit the 7 million mark in Europe itself!

Nintendo recently announced that their sales have reached 7 million in Europe. With Mario Kart DS selling 1.5 million copies and Nintendogs selling 4 million, along with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, Animal Crossing: Wild World, New Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario 64 all also topping the 1 million mark in Europe, Nintendo should feel very pleased with themselves! “We are delighted by the success of the Nintendo DS and DS Lite and especially pleased to see that we have exceeded the one million mark with games that appeal to both non-gamers and traditional gamers,” claims Laurent Fischer, Nintendo’s European marketing director. “Nintendo is proud of its role in expanding the gaming market and we hope to continue this success with the launch of Wii in Europe in December.”
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GameSpot too harsh on Red Steel?

November 21, 2006

We’ve all been waiting for the great Red Steel to come out becuase of all the interesting commercials and all the stuff we saw at E3! It looked like so much fun. The game comes out, we decide to login to gamespot and check the rating, and we see a measely 5.5 next to it’s name. You think to yourself, “I probably read the wrong game”, and so you check again, but still, a 5.5 next to Red Steel!

Well, some might agree with GameSpot, but I personally find that a bit too harsh on Red Steel. It is basically the first FPS game on the Wii and GameSpot are already giving them a hard time!

Here is the review for you to read:

Gameplay 5
Graphics 6
Sound 7
Value 6
Tilt 5

Red Steel introduces a promising control scheme both for shooting thugs and for slashing them with samurai swords, but wraps it in a buggy, thoroughly unimpressive game.
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